My First Wordpress Post

Posted: July 29, 2011 in Uncategorized

I’ve been “blogging” for years off and on, however this is my first serious attempt at the true blogger’s world… I have been posting various notes on the old FB forever, and before I had that figured out it… Myspace, where I was introduced to the whole social media thing by kids I was youth pastoring that demanded I open up an account…

I could care less about Myspace at the time, but did find that posting things that God laid on my heart not only helped me to process things I was pondering… but also allowed me to delve deeper into the very things God was speaking to me… I would start writing about something that I had one thought about… and it would just flow into a lesson on God’s love or direction for my life… so here I am…

…ready to take the dive deeper into the blogosphere… and ready to see where God is ready to take me. What led me to this site was actually a marketing idea… I had just started the Consumed By Fire Clothing online shop… and was reading about how to get more search engine exposure and several websites mentioned starting a blog for your product, and so I did… and after thinking about my own personal experience, decided, why not…

I will post some of my earlier stuff on here from time to time.. but mainly plan to start keeping my thoughts here as opposed to Facebook and the like… not sure where this will go… or even who will read it… but away we go…

SL Chappell… a worshipper, revivalist, and prayer warrior in Waxahachie, TX…



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