I own a manufacturing rep company in the Aerospace and Fabrication field, and run the Business Development side of an aircraft contractor for a living, and also own and Consumed By Fire Christian Clothing… but I’m secretly a stand up comedian/songwriter wannabe… I take care of business, if I have to… but I’m a huge goof… I have learned to enjoy life… I’d rather be sailing than anything else, well almost… I’m married to the most amazing woman, educated, witty, patient, an example of what a mom should be, funny, and as goofy as I am… and we are laughing our way through life, trials, ministry, careers, starting a business, all while parenting 5 awesome kids, each with their own schedule… We are the best parents we know, and sometimes we even get to sleep!

I am a Christian and my faith defines my life. I am a man of honor, victorious… an over-comer… I am prosperous and blessed, not by my own hands or ability, but by the grace of God who has blessed me through my own mistakes, failures, and inabilities… I am a child of the most high, a king’s kid, and I share sonship with Christ because of his sacrifice for me… I am the righteousness of Christ, even though my own righteousness is as filthy rags… I am a warrior, a leader, and a servant… I am a man of God, THE one true God… I don’t apologize for my faith, I won’t back down, submit, or change… I will be bold in professing the truth, but in love… I was once lost, but for grace… in my own flesh I will fail, but I can do ALL things through Christ!

You can check out my companies Consumed By Fire Christian Clothing for some edgy duds, or Driven Sales Group for any contract manufacturing needs you may have… other than that, just enjoy my ramblings.



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